With BoxWrap your files get encrypted before they hit the hard drive and cloud share.

Seamless Collaboration

BoxWrap makes your files securely available for your collaborators to read and update them. Only people with access can share that access further.

Acts Quietly

BoxWrap works in the background and only asks for actionw when you can "unwrap" a folder or grant access to another user.

Reliably Proven

BoxWrap uses reliable and proven open source components like GnuPG and EncFS to do the heavy lifting. So you don't have to.

BoxWrap - protect your collaboration.

Download BoxWrap Mac
macOS 10.10 and up
Download BoxWrap Windows
Windows 7 und later


Very simple...

  • Add (cloud) folder to BoxWrap.
  • A new "hard drive" is created.
  • Grant access.

Convenient and secure. Available and protected..

Simply get on with your work.